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    Timeline PhotosWe're not sure if this is ridiculously awesome or awesomely ridiculous ... more bike tips and ideas at - Bicycle Touring Around The World - 2002 to Present
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    Timeline PhotosGrinnell Point towers above Swiftcurrent Lake and Swiftcurrent Falls at Many Glacier this past weekend. The sun was just starting to hit the tallest peaks while the falls were putting off a steady spray of freezing mist. — with Walt Landi. - Bicycle Touring Around The World - 2002 to Present
  • I spent 8 months in Nepal including 3 months with an apartment walking distance...
    I spent 8 months in Nepal including 3 months with an apartment walking distance to where this picture was taken. Beyond the human loss the destruction of this historical and cultural landmark is a major blow to a wonderful country.Timeline PhotosDarbar Square, the pride of Nepal and a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site has suffered […] - Bicycle Touring Around The World - 2002 to Present
  • The closest place from the house I can walk to where my dog can swim is near whe...
    The closest place from the house I can walk to where my dog can swim is near where this picture is taken. 7 blocks. I see big birds of pray in the river but did not think they were eagles. The river runs through downtown whitefish so they must be flying around my neighborhood. Montana […] - Bicycle Touring Around The World - 2002 to Present
  • I can live anywhere I want in the world and I am very picky - but I always gravi...
    I can live anywhere I want in the world and I am very picky - but I always gravitate to the mountains. Montana is a very beautiful in the Rocky Mountains.Timeline PhotosThe morning sun hits Rising Wolf Mountain as seen from it's reflection on Two Medicine Lake. The Blackfeet considered this section of Glacier National […] - Bicycle Touring Around The World - 2002 to Present


The continuous bicycle touring story since 2002 + no plans to stop. How we saved money, quit our jobs, sold possessions, and set off to bicycle tour and travel around the world

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    Bicycle Touring Around the World

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    The Ongoing Multi-Year Bike Tour and Travel Story.
    March 30, 2002 to Today and 20+ years to go!

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    We are Tim and Cindie Travis, an ordinary American couple who decide to live out our dreams. We saved our money, quit our jobs, sold our possessions, and set off to travel around the world by bicycle. We left our home in Arizona, USA on March 2002 and have been on the road ever since. We have no plans to stop. This web site contains our ongoing travel blog, short videos and photo journal. We update our web site regularly, on location.

    Video Australian Radio Interview and slide show with Cindie Travis: play part 1 (5:30) play part 2 (4:20) more videos HERE

    mp3 Audio: BRAND NEW Australian (ABC) Radio interview This is Cindie’s 2nd radio interview in Australia and this time she is in the studio with great sound quality

    mp3 Audio: Hear Chapter 1 of our Audio Book!
    “The Road That Has No End”
    find out how we met, whose idea was it to travel long term, and how we afford it? (Purchase full version HERE )

    Read: RoadNews Newsletter Five Years DownTheRoad: a Different kind of endurance. (Do you receive email updates and free downloadable videos from us? Sign Up Here!)

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    North & Central America (3-30-02 to 4-17-03) Arizona, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. South America (6-3-03 to 6-17-04) Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile.China & Southeast Asia (11- 22, 04 to 9-15-06) Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Laos, Thailand again, Malaysia, and Singapore.

    Australia (9-15-06 to 9-15-07) The states of South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, Victoria again, New South Wales, Queensland, and the Northern Territory.

    New Zealand ( 9-15-07 – May 08)

    Our Future Plans. (now to ) Our travel plans are always changing but that has never stopped us from planning ahead.

    VIDEO INTRO more videos HERE



    more videos HERE

    Index This web site is bigger than most people think. It has been constructed over several years in hotel rooms and our tent while traveling through dozens of countries. It has 1000’s of pages and many hidden areas that only the determined repeat visitor can find. The bulk of the pages are organized into an index for each continent. These indexes are a great way to quickly learn the basic structure of our web site and find something specific. Click below to go to each continent’s index.

    North and Central AmericaSouth AmericaSouth East Asia/ChinaAustralia

    TIP If you are looking for something specific try searching this web site with our Google Search Utility.

    Short Downloadable Videos Traveling around the world on bicycles since 2002 provides unique opportunities to capture in photography the rich layers of culture that make up the fabric of the societies we visit. We have shot several hours of video in exotic countries from the seat of our touring bicycles. These movies are turned into short videos and released at regular intervals. Check out our special web site where you can watch these videos today Watch Videos HEREYou can also subscribe to receive these free downloadable videos as they are released by sending a blank email to:

    Tim’s Thumbnails and Pictures:Picture Gallery I believe that the best pictures are taken at the most awkward times. I keep our camera in my handlebar bag, always ready to record that incredible moment. We have thousands of pictures posted on Click to see the complete photo index (Tim)

    Cindie’s Daily Journals Written as She Travels: My journal started on the first day when Tim got a flat tire and has continued ever since. I describe our surroundings, my general impressions, catalog daily distances ridden and record costs when possible. Click to see the complete journal index. (Cindie)

    TIP At the top and bottom of Tim’s Thumbnail pages and Cindie’s Journals are arrows that will lead to the next section like turning pages in a book.

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    RoadNews: Emailed updates sent from the road What started as regular updates emailed to both of our families has turned into a tradition with thousands of email subscribers Sign up HERE to receive our email update sent every four to eight weeks.

    How did you two meet? Who’s idea was it to sell everything and travel around the world on bicycles? How can you afford it? We get asked these questions the most. It seems impossible that we could make the decision to go, save up the traveling funds, sell everything we own, quit our careers, and take off on bicycles. All of these questions are answered in the first chapter of our book which is available to read free online. MP3 Audio: Hear Chapter 1 of our Audio Book!

    Equipment and Gear Reviews: Selecting bicycle touring and camping equipment always involves difficult decisions. We do not claim to know it all but some aspects of gear selection we have learned the hard way over the years. We try to share our gear experiences in an open minded and scientific way.

    Help Us Travel and Continue this Web Site: We are always pleasantly surprised when someone writes and asks us how they can help us continue our travels. It may be easier than you think. A simple link to from your web site actually helps us a lot. Web site owners can also add information to their web sites about our book and where to buy it. By far the most popular way to keep us on the road is by shopping. Buying our book is an excellent way to get to know us while adding to our time out on the road. . If you find our web site enjoyable and valuable there is another popular way to continue it. Shopping on line at one of our participating store links provides us with a small commission with no extra cost to you. Read the full details of all the ways to support this web site HERE.Buy our book here.

    Online shopping: at outdoor, camping and bicycling stores.

    Our hand picked selection of book and travel guides.

    Touring Bicycles and Bike Panniers

    More information on how you can help us continue this web site and travels.

    Print Me (1 page): We have a printable flyer that describes our trip that loads on your browser and prints on one standard piece of paper.

    Contacting us: Contacting us is easy with email. We try to send/receive our email at least once every two weeks. If you write us it may be 2 – 4 weeks before we are able to send our reply back. We reply to every reasonable email if we are able.

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    Rush hour in another traffic free village.

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    Bicycle touring along the beach in Costa Rica

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